The Ukulele

The Ukulele is in preparation and will detail the construction of a soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone sized ukuleles. In addition there will be a special chapter on building ukuleles in the style of the early Hawaiian builders, based on the 1917 film produced by the Ford Motor Co.(find it on YouTube)

An introductory chaper will cover the history of the ukulele as well as comprehensive information on tools and materials. The four instruments can be made with an integrated neck (in the style of a classical guitar), or with the neck constructed separately and attached with small bolt or a glued tenon.

There will be plans for all five types of ukulele, as well as sections on making rope binding, tuners, finishing methods and calulating fret positions for four different scale lengths.

The six ukuleles contructed for the book. From the left: An Old Island Style soprano ukulele, another soprano based on a 1920s Regal, a concert inspired by CF Martin, a 23 fret to the body tenor with a body after a Gibson LG-0 guitar, a 14 fret tenor with a pin bridge and a more modern styled baritone.