New Mandolins

Two new mandolins finished ready to take to the US for the 2017 The Guild of American Luthiers convention in Tacoma, WA, 19-23 July.

The first is an oval hole, two-point design, based on a 1920s Lyon and Healy model. The soundboard is Englemann spruce with X-bracing and the body and neck are Blackheart sassafras from Tasmania. Head overlay, fingerboard and bridge are Macassar ebony. Golden Age tuners and a waxed oil finish. A$3000 with a case.

The second mandolin is an f-hole A style with a Californian redwood soundboard, again X-braced, with a body and neck of Tasmanian blackwood. The back is an especially fine piece of wood, as hard and wildy figured as any blackwood I have used. Ebony head overlay and fingerboard and Golden Age tuners with a waxwd oil finish. A$3000 in a case

Each image on the right will open to larger versions and there is a recording I have made of both instruments on Soundcloud. I can make other recordings if you want to hear more.

I will be in the US at the end of July, so either instrument can be sent by USPS to any American buyer while I am there.