In 2004 I published The Bouzouki Book a workshop manual on how I made Irish bouzoukis and modern citterns. This available as a print publication and as an epub. I enjoyed the process of writing that book enough that I ventured into another, this time on mandolins. The Mandolin Project was published in 2008, again as both a print book and an epub. The Mandolin Project included a lengthy chapter on the history of mandolins, but I realised that only scratched the surface of telling the story of these small instruments. Over the next six years I researched and wrote The Mandolin - a history, the first comprehensive history of the mandolin around the world. This was published in January 2016 and available through good bookshops everywhere.

Both The Mandolin Project and The Bouzouki Book are being produced produced in short digital print runs. Another book, combining aspects of the two publications into one book on mandolin family instruments more generally, is being (slowly) prepared.

The latest project is The Ukulele- An Illustrated Workshop Manual, which covers the construction of five different styles and sizes of ukulele.

Preliminary work has started on a book about archtop guitars. Not a history of them as such, but looking at the appeal of what have been described as the "high art of lutherie" from the perspective of builders, players, collectors and dealers.