The Mandolin Project

The Mandolin Project is now available and details the construction of four mandolins, including
- a flat-top/flat-back,
- a bent-top/flat-back,
- a Celtic carved-top/flat-back and
- a fully carved A style

The book is comprehensively illustrated with photographs, diagrams and plans and includes an extensive chapter on the history of the mandolin.

The original print run has now sold out (June, 2017) and is being reprinted in shorter digital print runs. I do have a few dozen of the original copies left, which are available at a discount price. The original print run was done with 'lay-flat' perfect binding, with full size plans inserted into an envelope in the back of the book. There are also some ring-bound copies available.

The Australian price is A$35 (inc postage within Australia)

US$40 incuding postage to the US or Canada

€40 including postage to Europe.

It is also available as an epub for US$9.99. Please click on the button below. The downloaded .zip file contains the plans as a printable pdf.

The Table of Contents, the introductory chapter (500kb pdf) and a History of Mandolin Construction (1Mb pdf) can be downloaded.

The epub format is most often used on iPads and other Apple products, but epub readers for other operating systems are available. The Firefox web browser has an epub reader, Cool Reader is another, and Calibre is an ebook reader and library software as well as converting files between ebook formats.

If you are somewhere else in the world or none of the options suit you, email me to check the postage and what currency you can pay me with. Prefered payment is through PayPal, though cheques in A$ and cash are fine as well. Click here to order a copy.

Wholesale distribution is through Independant Publishers Group in Chicago Il. The book is also available from Guitarwoods, Luthiers Mercantile and Elderly Instruments.