Australian Hardanger fiddles

This is my variant of a Norwegian hardanger fiddle. It is a new more modern body shape than the earlier models using standard fiddle string length (rather than the shorter Norwegian string length) with four sympathetic strings under the fingerboard. I use all Australian timbers - King Billy pine soundboard, a choice of Tasmanian blackwood, Blackheart sassafras, Tulip satinwood or Tiger myrtle for the body and neck with a Ring gidgee fingerboard and tailpiece. The soundboard is edged with alternating squares of Tulip satinwood and ebony. The only exotics are a maple bridge, and the ebony edging. The carved wombat head of my earlier fiddles has been replaced by a skeletal scroll, but a wombat head may be available on request. The eight tuning pegs are geared 4:1 ratio PegHeds. The tailpiece is machined from gidgee with four fine tuners which can be used either with the main melody strings or for the low tension sympathetic strings. Finish is shellac and buffing oil. Priced from A$4500