The Caldersmith Papers

Graham Caldersmith was one of the world’s leading researchers into stringed musical instrument acoustics. He combined this understanding with great practical skill, constructing the very finest classical guitars and instruments of the violin family. 

The Caldersmith Papers brings together a lifetime of research into the way guitars and violins work and make musical sounds. The book brings together 33 articles written between the late 1970s and early 2000s that were originally published in American Lutherie, the  Catgut Acoustical Society Newsletter, the Journal of Guitar Acoustics, Acoustics Australia,The Strad and other journals. Caldersmith's research was highly thought of worldwide and he was able to able to explain complex ideas on musical instrument acoustics in a way accessible to the non-technically trained, while at the same time publishing peer-reviewed papers on in the major acoustics journals in Australia, the United States and Europe. This was in addition to building more than 200 guitars, 116 violins, 60 violas and 38 cellos, pioneering the use of Australian timbers in many of them.

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