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21 November: The files (300 Mb of pdf) for my new book The Mandolin - a history are at the printer and shipping date should be 11 December. All the copies that were ordered through Kickstarter will be posted from Michigan (where Thomson-Shore the printer is located). If US/Canada residents want to pre-order the book Martin Stillion will have a number of copies which will be the first ones available.

Australian residents can order a print copy by clicking on the PayPal button below. Cost will be A$65 including postage within Australia.

RRP in the US will be US$44.95. The books should be available from good bookshops everywhere, with distribution through Independant Publishers Group/Small Press United in Chicago.

Ebook versions in .epub as well as .mobi and .azk (for Kindles) will be available here when the print version has shipped in mid-December. The price will by US$15 through PayPal. The ebook version will have all the text and just about all the illustrations of the printed book. It probably not be available directly from Amazon, as the file size and Amazon's download fee would mean I would be paying Amazon several dollars every time someone bought a copy, rather than the other way around!

The Mandolin will be a 424 page softcover publication in an 8"x10" size with around 460 colour pictures of mandolins, old advertisments and other illustrations. There is close to 100,000 words of text, including an index and a comprehensive bibliography. The girl on the left with the mandolin is the cover image, taken from an old French postcard.

There is some more information about the book here.

As a preview we have available three chapters and the Table of Contents

Chapter 6 on early Neapolitan mandolins.

Chapter 8 on the beginnings of the mandolin in America.

and Chapter 13 on some of the lesser known American mandolin manufactuers.

These are all highly compressed lo-res pdfs and the image quality will be better in the printed book.

Information about my other books is here.

Alist of the types of instruments I make and a pricelist is here.

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I can be contacted by email here

by post at
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or by phone at 0402 026 962 (within Australia) or from foreign places +61 402 026 962, keeping in mind that Australia is usually several hours behind or ahead of the rest of the world. That number is best to get me in the evenings here and you can find out what that time is in your part of the world by checking here.

The Mandolin - a history now has a Facebook page.

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