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24 August: The Kickstarter campiagn worked! The Mandolin - a history will be at the printer within a month and available in November, if all goes to plan.

It will be a 420 page softcover publication in an 8"x10" size with around 46 colour pictures of mandolins, old advertisments and other illustrations. There is close to 100,000 words of text, including an index and a comprehensive bibliography. The girl on the left with the mandolin is the cover image, taken from an old French postcard.

We have decided her name is Helene, and although left-handed and entirely self taught, she was a formidable musician with a unique playing style.

As a preview we have available three chapters and the Table of Contents

Chapter 6 on early Neapolitan mandolins.

Chapter 8 on the beginnings of the mandolin in America.

and Chapter 13 on some of the lesser known American mandolin manufactuers.

These are all highly compressed lo-res pdfs and the image quality will be better in the printed book.

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