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I started building Irish bouzoukis in the early 80s, mostly because I wanted one to play. I decided quite quickly that I enjoyed building musical instruments more than playing them and it has gone on from there. in 2004 I published The Bouzouki Book, a workshop guild to building bouzoukis and citterns.

In recent years I ave focused more on mandolins and in 2008 published The Mandolin Project, another workshop guide to building four different styles of mandolin.

Currently in preparation, hopefully to be published in the next year or so, is another book on the history of mandolins, with the working title of The Mandolin - a history. It will have lots of pictures of interesting mandolin family instruments from all around the world. A chapter on early Neapolitan mandolins can be downloaded here, and an introductory chapter on the Mandolin in America can be downloaded here.

There are a number of instruments that I have found pictures of on the web, but often not of good enough quality to print. My facebook page has instruments I would like to find better photos of.

I build bouzoukis in three body styles, the usual teardrop shaped type 1, a small waisted body type 2 and a guitar bodied type 3, around the size of a classical guitar.

I can offer three styles of mandolin, asimple and elegant A shape, a Lyon & Healy inspired 2-point body and a slightly different take on an F style.

I also make an Australian version of the Norwegian handanger fiddle, with four sympathetic strings running under the soundboard.

Finally I have recently been seduced by the tempations of the ukulele, and will have soprano and concert models available.

A pricelist is here.

Contact info

I can be contacted by email here

by post at
PO Box 365
Jamison ACT 2614

or by phone at 0402 026 962 (within Australia) or from foreign places +61 402 026 962, keeping in mind that Australia is usually several hours behind or ahead of the rest of the world. That number is best to get me in the evenings here and you can find out what that time is in your part of the world by checking here.

The new book on the history of mandolins now has a Facebook page.

Other things on the website are:

The forthcoming book on Mandolin History now has a facebook page